We inspire and empower

iamadventures is a lifestyle brand focusing on inspiring adventures & empowering our human potential through creativity for social change.


My name is Natalia Komis and I am the founder of iamadventures.

In 2013 I realised that the corporate world was not my cup of tea and I set out on an adventure to find my truth, to be creative and to have fun. I travelled, set up two businesses and met lots of amazing people.


One of the things I realised was that personal development and our human potential are things we all should commit to growing. Freedom, positivity, fun, heart, passion and compassion are things that we should live by.


Now I create my own designs and products by being inspired by the countries & people I visit through iamadventures.

Loving social entrepreneurs

Through our travels with iamadventures we work with and visit many social entrepreneurs and creative individuals.


This forms a huge part of where our inspiration comes from. Therefore we have a dedicated area where we showcase some of their products and curate the best of the best for you to be able to purchase and contribute to worthy, good and ethical enterprises easily and happily.


All of the products sold here are made, designed and created by our friends and partners in the countries that iamadventures visits. This means that we contribute that extra little bit to help them grow and be empowered.


If you know of awesome social entrepreneurs or women's cooperatives and think we'd love them, make sure to let us know! We're always on the hunt for new friendships.


Love Life

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